6 Steps To Certification

6 ขั้นตอนสมัครขอรับรอง

1. Study and understand standards

Applicants must study and understand the scope and requirements of the standard on the website and can contact ACT's client service by email or phone for more information.

2. Submit application documents and pay application fee

When the applicants have paid the application document fee, ACT’s client service will contact the applicant back, and it will take 15 days to check the application documents. In this step, the application documents will be checked until they are complete before quoting inspection and certification fees.

3. Pay inspection and certification fees

The applicants will be operators of ACT and will be given an operator code after they have paid the inspection and certification fees. ACT’s client service will contact the operator's coordinator to schedule an onsite inspection.

4. Inspection and submit inspection report

ACT’s inspector will inspect all units of the organic production site or facility within 30 days after payment of the inspection and certification fees. And submit the inspection report to the operator within 30 days after the inspection date. The operator must confirm the inspection report. If the operator has non-conformities, the operator must fix them or propose corrective action and send them to the inspector or ACT’s client service.

5. Consider inspection reports and notify certification results.

After the inspection report has been signed and confirmed by the operator, ACT’s certification officer will complete consideration of the inspection report within 45 days and then notify the operator of the certification results. If the operator's consideration results in conditions that do not comply with standard requirements The operator must complete corrections or propose solutions within the period specified in the certification results document.

6. Issue a certificate

After the operator has completed solving the conditions or proposing a solution to the conditions. The ACT’s certification officer will draft a certificate for the operator. The operator must check all information on the draft of certificate before confirming. After that, the certificate will be issued by the ACT’s certification officer. The operator's certificate is valid until June 30 of the year. 

*In case the operator is certified in crop production scope, the operator will get a certificate after the fields applying for organic certification have passed the conversion period of organic standard requirements.